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Christmas Pine Tree

New Single

"Christmas Time" is out now!

50% of the proceeds are being donated to:

The Paige Elizabeth



What is The Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation? 

Paige died suddenly at just 6 years old. Unknown to anyone, Paige had a Brain Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). "If you had known Paige had an AVM, it could have been treated and Paige would likely still be here today." Hearing these words from the doctor lit a fire in Paige's mother's heart, and that's how the Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation started. Their goal is to raise enough money to buy an MRA machine and stand alone imaging center to provide free screenings. Stand with us at Groove Street Music to make sure this doesn't happen to other families.

Who is Groove Street Music?

Groove Street Music was established in 2021 during the recording of the song "Christmas Time". Doug Baruchin and his team created this philanthropic foundation to support various charities through the media of music. Learn more by clicking here.

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