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Groove Street Music partnership with

The Paige Elizabeth


On January 8th, 2018 Paige Keely died at the age of 6 from an unknown arteriovenous malformation. "If you had known Paige had an AVM, it could have been treated and Paige would likely still be here today." Hearing these words from the doctor lit a fire in Paige's mother's heart, and that's how the Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation started.

This Christmas Season we're releasing a song and donating a portion of the proceeds to The Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation.

Brain AVM's are usually treatable if they are detected early! We're linking arms with The Paige Elizabeth Keely Foundation with the goal of raising enough money for them to buy an MRA machine and stand alone imaging center to provide free screenings so that this doesn't happen to other families!

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