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Who is Groove Street Music?

Groove Street Music was established in 2021 during the recording of the song "Christmas Time". Doug Baruchin and his team created this philanthropic foundation to support various charities through the media of music.

During the recording process, we made connections with producers in Nashville and Miami, song writers/artists in Los Angeles, and others in the music industry throughout the country.

This brought about an additional offering that Groove Street Music will promote through their music production company. Groove Street Music will enable upcoming independent songwriters and musicians to connect with already established producers, songwriters, artists, and musicians, assisting them in the production and completion of their songs.

So many great songs are unrealized. This model of making connections will not only help to get these songs released, but in doing so, help others as well.

The heart of this foundation will always remain true. All music released through Groove Street Music will donate a portion of all proceeds to various charities.

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